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As architectural photographers, an accurate, minimal and perfectly documented narrative must be made. Being able to express the functionality of the architectural space, its proportion, the relationship with the environment, show the concept and details. All this, with a beautiful composition.

As if you were there.

With 360º photography, people can see the distribution and space between furniture and decoration around their property. They can experience a virtual tour and see the place as if they were in the center of the room.

Art that show style.

These images will show the physical attributes and the design of the place in the best posible way. With proper lighting and proper composition, these photographs will tell the story of space; allowing the viewer to experience the architectural space through photographs.

Bird's eye.

A vision almost impossible to achieve without technology. This service is very useful to show those places that are hard to reach. To show for example, the layout and design of a rooftop terrace, a pool, an attic or even locate the property in its surroundings. Images that are nice to look only at the nature of your perspective.

Blue Sky offers you all the services you need for Architectural photography.


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Some of the brands with which we have had the pleasure and privilege to work with.

Private Holiday Builders

Artisan Hotels

Icono Playa

Caribbean Realty



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